Tesla has added 8 new Superchargers in the northernmost points of Norway, Finland, and Sweden in the Arctic Circle. These regions have been short fo Supercharging stations and this new development will be a welcome addition for drivers in the northern regions of these Nordic countries. The New Superchargers are located at crossroads.

Local Norwegian Newspaper, The Barents Observer  wrote:

In [Troms og] Finnmark [the northernmost county of Norway], superchargers are to be opened in Karasjok, Kautokeino, Varangerbotn, Olderfjord, and Alta. In Lapland [Finland], Karesuvanto and Inari are chosen, while Abisko in [the Swedish county of] Norrbotten will get a supercharger.

It should be noted that one of the biggest markets for Tesla in Norway. Tesla is the biggest selling car brand in Norway for all cars, not just electric vehicles. It has been instrumental in pushing the electric vehicle share in Norway to 50%. Norway is the first country to achieve such a feat. As more and more supercharging stations are opening in Norway, gas stations have started closing.


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