EV adoption has been slow as most people who can afford them halt to switch due to slow charging while others cite note enough charging infrastructure. As tesla ramps ups its vehicle production, it has also been ramping up its v3 charging station that can charge up to 250kwh or up to 1000 miles per hour, this reduces significantly the amount of time spent at a charging station and improves the number of cars that can be served in a day.

According to a recent tweet, while replying to a happy tesla owner, who visited a v3 supercharger and was able to get 55 miles of range in 4 minutes, Mr. Musk said, “V3 Supercharger deployment will accelerate considerably this year.”

As more and more v3 superchargers go online, this will not only give tesla a competitive advantage but also dismiss the FUD of electric cars are not viable options as the take forever to charge.


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