Tesla comes into Q4 earnings report with a record of 112,000 Tesla Model 3/S/X delivered and 104,891 vehicles produced. As Telsa reports its Q4 earnings this Wednesday, there are mixed expectations from Wall Street analysists, mainstream media, short-sellers, and long investors. However, what should be the real question for those invested in the tesla long term.

Core Objectives

Long investor’s worries would focus on true health of the company, how the company is able to execute its core objectives to 10-x the company’s valuation.

The Model Y

Tesla Model Y

Elon Musk mentioned in the Q3 earnings report that the Model Y is expected to outsell all the now available tesla line up combined, a long-term investor should be asking when it would be mass-produced. What will be the output capacity weekly/monthly, where it will be build, whether tesla is planning on another US factory specifically for Model Y production, margins on the vehicle?

Model Y deliveries also are speculated to begin at the beginning of next month; however, there has not been any official communication on the matter. So an official communication is expected and when Giga Shanghai will start producing the Model Y.

Giga berlin

Artificial forest being cleared for the Giga Berlin credit Teslarati

When tesla announced Giga Berlin, Elon Musk mentioned that Giga berlin targeted for model Y production however, the current production cannot satisfy the demand for Model 3, would Giga Berlin also be able to produce model 3s also whether model 3 and Y will be produced at the same time.


When is FSD expected to roll out?

What will be the first cities with Robotaxi network?

Solar Roof

How many solar roofs Tesla plans to install this year?

What is the gross margin on solar roofs?

How much energy storage will be deployed this year, considering power packs and power walls?

Tesla Semi

The Tesla Semi

How many Tesla Semis are projected to be delivered to customers in 2021?

Will Tesla SEMI will come with FSD?

2020 Guidance

Vehicle deliveries in 2020

Model Y deliveries in 2020

Will Q1 2020 be profitable? (S&P 500 inclusion)

Any guidance on FSD differed revenue?

Details on FIAT emission credit deal.

Here is a video from a long tesla shareholder on Q4 earnings preview


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