Tesla has made a significant increase in the range of model Y SUV. The All-Wheel-Drive version of the SUV can now go 315 miles on single charges, this increase from 280 miles come because of the model Y power efficiency.

Telsa said in the Q4 earnings report,

“Due to continued engineering progress of the Model Y all-wheel drive (AWD), we have been able to increase its maximum EPA range to 315 miles, compared to our previous estimate of 280 miles. This extends Model Y’s lead as the most energy-efficient electric SUV in the world.”

Elon Musk mentioned in the earnings calls that Model Y is achieving efficiency of 4.1 miles per kWh which is far more efficient than all BEV SUVs on market today.

In more upgrades, the Model Y now comes with the new 19″ Gemini wheels as standard to all models, then the 20’’ Induction Wheels for the performance version that comes at an extra $2,000.

During the earnings call, Elon Musk also noted, “When people do a teardown of the Model Y, they will be impressed by some of the things they see.” Maybe these could be possible due to the revolutionary Model Y wiring system we shall just have to wait and see.

Tesla also is aiming to start limited deliveries of the SUV by the end of Q1 or the beginning of March and ramp up deliveries in mid Q2.


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