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Elon Musk provided this update on his Twitter

Starship Mk1 Halves Joined Ahead of Presentation Event This Weekend


SpaceX has joined the top and bottom halves of the Starship Mk1 at its South Texas site, SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk said. Musk tweeted a picture of the Starship halves after they had been joined. This comes just a few days before Musk takes the stage to provide an update on the Starship vehicle.

Musk has been providing updates about the progress of the Starship every autumn since 2016 and is set to do so this weekend on September 28th.

The Starship is the SpaceX’s next-generation vehicle that the company plans to use to take humans to the moon, Mars and other distant worlds. It will be fully and rapidly reusable. It will be capable of carrying 100 passengers and will be powered by 6 Raptor engines.

SpaceX plans to begin commercial missions as early as 2021, but these will most likely be communication satellites. A crewed Starship mission will take place in 2023 carrying the Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa.


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